Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 6 - Moon Circles

I really needed to unwind from a hectic day. Could not focus my thoughts. They were just jumping from one thing to another. All four burners are going and I'm not a great cook!
So I picked up the pen and doodled. I had just come from class where we did some watercolors in the style of Kandinsky. The kids had their time, now I wanted mine.
Listening to Sacred DrumVisions, this village appeared and kept thinking of Full moon Drumming circles, or New moon...thus "Moon circles"
Being that this is a gratitude project:
I'm grateful for these cycles.
Allowing for the ebb and flow of life.
Time to grow in fullness -Accepting, receiving
And a time to Release, Renew
I used the pigma pen .005 and twinkling H2O's again.

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Lauralyn said...

I love Moon Circles. We must be on the same wave length, because you talked about see my eye posted on my blog yesterday and you woke up thinking of an eye and today, I did a doodle at breakfast this morning, but just now saw your blog. I am getting ready shortly to post to my blog.

I really like your art work and look forward to seeing more.