Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fresh start..

Energy Lines
It's all energy... connecting
I see how we connect with the energy of love
and that is what feels best
Mandala Sunset
I bought a new book, new markers
and decided to use just one side, the pastels
I purposely limited myself
sometimes it feels good to not have so many choices

Moon Phases
I follow the phases of the moon
and listen to her
Lunar learnings
She repeats them
over and over
but they are not always the same lesson

I plant seeds
seeds of transformation
and wait
I nurture them
and wait
All things change
we see death, endings, but it's really change
it is the wheel of life
always moving, always changing
sing with the change
dance with the wind
plant the seeds
watch them grow
and be grateful
We reap what we sow