Saturday, January 20, 2007


Good for when you don't know what to do. Or just to help me focus.
Pigma pen and H2O's.

Winter finally arrived

Part of doing "Finding Water" is doing the walks. This is good as I need to walk in preparation for Machu Picchu. On my walk, after our scant snowfall, I found it amusing to see the snow on top on flowers that had confusingly started to emerge, thinking it was spring, the weeks before. Strange weather for sure. Do you think the Earth has tilted a bit????
Aside from pictures, I'm almost finished with the desk. Just a little touch up here and there.

I'll post the desk when it's done.

New restaurant job too. Going to look at the walls today.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

bumps in the road

I altered a photo that I took at the beach. Getting to know the new printshop program I have... oh, what fun stuff.

Begin Again

Trying the new scanner... Some 6" squares. I've mostly been focusing on painting the furniture and clearing and reorganizing my artroom. Why is it that I seem to make a bigger mess while I am reorganizing.
Many projects going on. All burner are on! I finally took Susan's stool home to work on. The desk is coming along. The children's center has come twice for classes and I've taken pictures. Youth art month is building momentum. I need to get invitations going and boards ordered.
I have one canvas set on my table, started. In the pondering stage. Ideas in my head for the metal project. Have to get those started.
I've been working on my journal. Started Julia Cameron's new book Finding Water and joined a yahoo group. Yesterday was spent at a Ranger's technique workshop with 2 friends. Some good stuff!
Today we are going to the Neuberger to see an exhibit having to do with shrines, boxes... More about that after I see it.
Well, the scanner seems to have a lot more to offer than the old one. I think I should have pressed the lid down.. my paper was a bit wrinkley.

p.s. some of it got chopped off. oh well. maybe i will rescan later.... or not. :-)