Saturday, October 28, 2006


After rusting this box and another one that I'm working on, I thought about rust. It's very cool watching the rusty effect appear but it brought me to thinking about the duality of things and what would be the opposite of rust. Externally, we see things decay all the time. Everything changes. There is always this process of change, decomposing, death.
And then there is always rebirth.
Life begins again.
I found this incense burner that reminded me of a chalise. I was brought up a catholic, so the symbols are strong. Christ symbolizing the idea of rebirth, resurrection, renewal.
I used the cork from a wine bottle and a sliver of wood(host) that is holding the egg. Body and blood.
Hard to see, but the head is made of glass that has flowers and the word spring embossed into it.
The opposite of rust on the outside, is gold on the inside. The idea that we need to go within to see what makes us shine, to see our inner beauty and not always judge outside appearances and know that the real treasure is our spiritual awareness and not the transitory material world that does eventually decay. I personally tend to find my answers in nature rather than some structure (church) or dogma. I feel nature holds a lot of answers to our questions if we would be still enough to listen. It was a good feeling giving myself this time to create.
I may have to take her outside on a sunny day for a better picture...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yesterdays creative time

Yes,I spent some time yesterday creating. Of course, I spent some of the time thinking "I should be ...." but I didn't! It was cold out too. I just needed to spend some time with myself and creating.
Made a birthday card for Adriane.
I also worked on a collage for Brigitte. She gave me this collage that one of her online groups did and asked if I would work on it. so I did. Gave the frog a lily pad to sit on in a pond and a doghouse for fido. Not finised yet. In between projects, I rusted a small box. I'll most like make an assemblage out of it. I bought Sophisticated Finishes. I had forgotten about this stuff. We used in ceramic class. Karen painted a Buddha using the patina finish and came out great. Mai-Liis had it on her blog and then saw it on where she rusted some cotton fabric but not with these finishes.
Aside from that I taught 2 yoga classes. I am now up to teaching 3 classes a week. And yes, I think that counts in the creativity department.
Happy Birthday Adriane!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Now for Me....

Oops! Posted to the wrong blog. oh well.
See what I've been doing at
Hopefully I'll get to some of my own art today.

Friday, October 13, 2006

For now...

No pictures, but it was a pretty creative day. Worked on some art dolls in class. We went to Pat's house to make some cards for soldiers. I'm not really a card person and when I do them, it takes me at least an hour to do just one card. ( we were supposed to do 10, I did 9. Not thrilled with them either) I did get excited about the bottles that Adriane brought for us. We are to do them for our secret santa friend. Nice bottles too.
Gathering merchant's permission to paint their windows for Halloween is sucking up my time, so the desk is on the back burner for now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Pat

Yesterday I painted some more of the desk. I slept over my mom's and because the room was filled with so much early morning light, it was an opportune time to paint. It's coming along.. but I thought I'd have more done by now. Oh well. Made Pat's birthday card last night. Also worked on a 6x6 pen drawing. Now I need to run over to Pat's house and put it in her mailbox.

signed: The Procrastinator

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hot Flash!

I've been playing around with this doll. She's called "hot flash" for all the menopausal women out there. A woman's autumn years. I like autumn. It's my favorite time. Don't care much for the hot flashes though...
My friend Mai-Liis , held an online class through joggles and that is where the idea came from - her wrapped spirit dolls. I made one and I have been wanting to make more of them. Friday I took most of the day for myself and made one. She started out with white hair - I'm not ready for that and she seemed to be calling out for her flaming hair. Fun to make!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Head in the Clouds

All weekend we talked about having our head in the clouds...literally.
Today in my mail box was Head in the Clouds, a "cloud meditation" from Daily Om.
Nice weekend.
I did have an insightful moment too.
Monday morning I woke up realizing how lucky I am and had a deep sense of gratefulness. Gratefulness is a path I fell off of this past summer. Yikes! I had forgotten. This was the "theme" to my daily devotions and I had forgotten. How did this happen??
I had become a bit (a bit?!) self-absorbed with the way things had turned out - not the way I had planned...(we all know how that goes). Well, our weekend had some glitches with it also. We (John) broke the sink in the bathroom... don't ask...and all I could think of was "they will never let us come back" and what will this cost me...
What it cost was an awakening. The owners are really nice (and handy) and were not in the least upset by it. Either that, they completely fooled us. They fixed the sink and said it was no big deal. This cabin is 120 miles north of us and feels like we are in a foreign country. The people are friendly and there is so much beauty around. Even clouds take on a certain splendor.
So I think my head finally came out of the clouds... the fog lifting... and I began to appreciate all that great stuff again. All the blessings that are around me, all the beauty that is out there. I realized it was this that I had forgotten. I got side tracked. Took the wrong path. I need to take out my pens and twinkling H2O's and play again. Maybe I'll play with some clouds :-)