Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wandering eyes

Starting to slack off on my mandalas a day... I kept up with it pretty good and even went back to color some in... but the last week, I've only been able to do some on the weekend.
Today, this one is taking on a new meaning.
I think what happens sometimes in art is that the unconscious is revealed to us but not always right away.. it takes awhile for the conscious mind to "get it".
I'm a pretty stable person. I've lived in the same place for over 30 years, held the same summer job for about 25. There is a comfort in stability, but I also like diversity. I take on a lot of different jobs throughout the year... this year, there was a big increase in work. I teach art to children, teach yoga to adults, teach private art classes at various times, take on various other art jobs painting furniture or walls or tiles or whatever someone may want painted... add to that community projects: window painting, mini workshops, etc.
I am full, overflowing with an abundance of work. (For this, I am grateful )
Add to THAT- caretaking parents, fitting in my own art, so yes... life is full and diverse.
Summer involves camp.. pretty much a full time job and I still have clients that want stuff, yoga classes, incomplete projects waiting in the room, and I AM BURNT!
Wandering eyes revealed to me that it is time to let something go... and it is camp.
I come home and veg.. nap... or whine... Client's work sits waiting to be done. My own work waits to be done. My energy is depleted.......... my eyes wander to where I can go, what I can change.
Goal: Next year start a preschool art camp. Mornings only... Saving my afternoons for my own art, clients.. and having some fun.
Yes, these eyes are looking to the future - knowing it's time to leave. Let it go.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blogger mystery...

I have my blogs back. I like some things with wordpress, ( )but I love that you can click on the above picture and it'll pop up larger... not sure why wordpress doesn't do that, or maybe I just don't know how.
I have stuff to scan. So now I know it's not ME that messed up, that I deleted something, but some weird glitch with IE, because this happened to someone else as well.
I love the computer, but damn! they are so temperamental.
Sometimes, you just need to let it go... does everything need to have an answer? and sometimes, I don't really care as the why (although this is rare :-) just as long as I have what I want.. in this case, my blog... it's a mystery as to what happened and right now, I don't care.. enjoying the moment :-)