Friday, January 20, 2006

Day 19 "The Offering"

On the back reads:
When Native American's take something from the land, they leave an offering- giving back to the land a gift - maybe tabacco or cornmeal.
Question what gift you leave in return.
What seeds do you plant?
What do you sow?
Plant seeds of love and beauty.
Do not harden yourself like stone.
Rather sing and give voice to what you see as beauty and be grateful for what the Earth offers us. (Lights are back on at Mom's)
Good lesson is persistence here. I was ready to cast this aside because I screwed up, but I kept playing around. Even with the little glitches, I like the message I was getting about what we sow. I've noticed how this focus on gratitude is creating a shift towards keeping my attitude more postive.

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SylviaK said...

Hi Doreen,
You have such a wonderful style! so light and great for book illustrations. Have you considered sending a portfolio of your art to a publisher? Perhaps you could work with an author or write your own stories. It is a pleasure to see what you do next!