Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chair Swap

"Lizard's Longing"


"High" Chair

Art in the Garden

Healer's Chair alongside the Nest Chair
I really do love making these little tiny things, always tweaking here and there, adding stuff at the last moment... until it needs to go out in the mail.
When to stop... always seems to be the dilemma.
I hope today finds you in a nice comfortable chair,
a chair to take you on long imaginative journeys,
sacred spaces,
one that allows your creativity soar into the universe.
If your lucky enough and it's warm enough,
maybe you'll find yourself outside doing art in the garden
or maybe you just need to nest :-)
Wherever your "seat" finds comfort today,
may there be peace and love surrounding it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being Grateful

She is my angel of gratitude... one of the angels taught in the Angel Project taught by Chaska.
We are on a mission to make as many angels as we can and send them out into the world, give as gifts or fill up your home with them :-)
I am an angel collector and have all sorts of angels flying around here. Actually, they are "winged-things" because some of them are fruit with wings... fairies, anything with wings gets hung up around here!
Making your own is a whole other story...
mostly because you set the intention of what or where you want it to go...
Thus, the Gratitude Angel.. in time for Thanksgiving.
It is a reminder for me, not so much to be grateful for everything around me, because on MOST days, I am... sharing that gratitude (abundance) is a bit harder and I am well aware of my tending to hoard stuff.... share my chocoate! ok, you can have a little of it...
Can I send out my very best, most valued stuff in a swap???
so, here is my mission..... Share.
And that is what this angel is saying... there is soooo very much in my life that I am grateful for. Share the damn chocolate and then go buy some more!
What is the hardest thing you ever had to share?
(p.s. I did give hubby some chocolate, but only the pack that was already opened)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

I love the Autumn. I love it's color palette. They are optimistic colors.. colors of creativity.
Although I haven't been posting very much lately, it's not for lack of being creative. I have been.
ATC's for a swap, angels, mandalas, projects for art class, paintings, masks, photography... all still in the "process" stage.
So, like I said, it's a time of high energy, optimism, and creative out-pouring.
My mother is the opposite... she doesn't like the fall, because it symbolizes the coming of winter.
She's also gone through some trying times lately and I can understand some of her negativity. The aging process has it's challenges and she does not see these as her "golden" years... and yes, she can get VERY pessimistic.
So I try to get her to see it (life) in a more positive way... sometimes, I try to get her to see through my eyes... sometimes, it backfires.
Ma, "you're just looking out the wrong window", I say to her.
I read a story once, and I just love the metaphor of it.
I proceeded to tell the story... even though I can't really remember it very well... just the "message" of it.
"Once there was a little boy..."
"Why does it always have to be a boy?", she interjects.
"OK, Once there was an old woman"... (I snicker a bit here)
"Why can't it just be a girl?"
"Once there was a little girl..." I say softly and calmly... speaking in "Johnny tone".
"Why are you speaking so softly?"
I speak a little more loudly, and continue to tell her how the little girl looked out the window to see her dog lie dead and she became really, really sad... crying...
A wise old man came to her and asked her why she was crying and she pointed to the window where her dog lie dead. He took her hand and walked over to another window, "what do you see?" he asked.
"I see the sun shining, a rainbow and flowers..."
Mom: "You're in fantasy land! Where do you get these ideas??"
I am trying to maintain a straight face here while I continue to say, "See, you were just looking out the wrong window..."
Mom: " The Dog's STILL DEAD!"
I am hysterical laughing at this point... mostly because my mom, the pragmatist is right and I screwed up the story and she doesn't "get it" but my laughter is contagious and she laughs,
which is the result I intended all along.
So, it doesn't really matter how one reaches the end result... just that we achieve the goal.
And this was to laugh.
Hope you all get to have a hearty laugh today :-) and then share that laughter with someone else.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Angel of Hope

She is the Angel of Renewed Hope.
I am feeling this after the election, this sense that I can breathe a deeper, more relaxed breathe... There is a renewed hope in me and I'm sure in so many others.
I thought she was about peace and she is, but HOPE came last night, her power wand imbued with the spirit of wisdom. A higher perspective of choosing: intuitive and spiritual.
The symbol of the spiral on her heart chakra takes us up to a new level, spiraling upward, with a refreshed, renewed and open heart.. a heart of service.
We are all brothers and sisters on this magnificent planet.
She is the Angel of Hope that we all can work together to make this one peaceful place.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Art Every Day - catching up

I've been in a creative flurry lately. Mandalas. Some are small, others larger on canvas.
I went back to the twinkling H2O's for a bit... I was reading a little today and a line in When the Heart Waits (Sue Monk Kidd)... about letting go of letting go... not get so crazy about it - this letting go.. just let go of the whole letting go thing.............
This was a prompt from Milliande's Creative club, using lightening, I came up with this "electric tree"... after turning the picture upside down :-)
Today I made some sculpey faces for the Angel project which Mai-Liis is teaching... you can still join. Our intention is to make angels.. enough to fill as much space as we can... an army of angels :-) So, while those faces were baking in the oven, I sewed up an angel body in blue.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ancestors Mandala

As I was painting this mandala, I felt like it had something to do with ancestors. Interestingly, today is all Saints day, tomorrow all souls day. It is said that at this time, the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. It's a time when we can ask for help from our dearly departed.
It is about change. Leaves turn and fall. People we love leave this world.
Today, Neptune turns direct on the Day of the Dead. Neptune rules the spiritual realm.
Nearing the end of the painting, I decided to put the astrological symbols as they sit on my chart... all at the bottom (underworld) and put stars above for those I remembered, they who may be out there helping us on this day.
This one is for all my relatives and friends who have gone on before me. I miss you and send love to you... May you all be at peace and having fun... sure a couple of you are rolling your spiritual eyes at me :-)

p.s... planets at the bottom should really read: Venus, then Moon, then Pluto if it were to be accurate :-)