Saturday, December 27, 2008

Angels, paints and wishes

The Christmas Angel... What I wished for (computer working) came true!
This is the Angel of Belief...
One must believe in the possibilities of what you would like to manifest. Interesting time of year for belief... Do you believe you can manifest that which you desire or is it wishful thinking. Wishing isn't enough - you need to believe.
Wishing and Believing... Make a wish and believe it will come to pass.
See it. Visualize it. Believe it to be so.
If you truly believe you can have it, make it so.
I believe we are all capable of so much more than we think.
I think we just get scared.
I wonder if we admit to being scared, then another person can admit to it as well and if we all support each other, even though we are scared... well, we can help each other through that fear to the other side. The side that holds our dreams. Wouldn't that be something!
I sure hope your dreams come to be.

A painting I've been working on in oils. I'm used to working with acrylics and have decided to try my hand with oils.. slow process, working on it little by little. Allowing what wants to come up.... still working on this. Who knows, maybe it'll be finished by the next full moon.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.
My wish is for more understanding, more compassion, more honesty in communications, more patience to listen closely, observe more of what nature has to tell us, have more gratitude for that which we have and to share it more often with those who do not.
I wish us all more peace.
More love.
More joy.
I believe we can.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Still working on it....

I'm seeing this as a process. I'm without the internet again.. but thankfully, the library has access. But the upside is I'm doing more ART!
If I'm not back online by Christmas.......

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Scariest Night!

Imagine your computer crashing... and having to do a total recovery.. going to bed thinking you have lost the last two or three? years of your "computer life"..

I went through all the stages of grief. anger.. denial...

Trying to maintain the higher spiritual aspect of it, but then come crashing down to thinking it is all lost..

Is mercury retrograde or something????

This morning I turned on the computer to my own desktop picture :-)

A Christmas Miracle!!! but unable to connect to the internet.

Trouble shooting for what felt like hours on the phone to no avail... call HP.

I explained and then ... another Christmas miracle.. it connected!

Not exactly the way it used to.. but hey, I'm here :-)

I have all my pictures.

My documents.

My blogs..

oooooh computer... I love you so much.. please be good now.

I'm going to get some discs now to upload my photos, as I now have another chance.

Life is good.

a bit nerve-wracking at times... but in general it is. Life has more ups than downs.

It was interesting to observe my feelings last night.

Is this what death feels like? If I feel like this about my computer, what will it feel like when a loved one passes on. In the big picture, it all passes.... and does it really leave? It all just changes form.... all part of All That Is.

how attached we are to those "things" we have... attached to life.

Enjoy it while it's here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playing with angels

Playing with paper angels... and still playing with them.
I've been picking up the oil paints as well, experimenting with using them, blending, finding my confidence.
Most of my energy seems to have been going into teaching classes and workshops and these little angels are great to leave on my table, adding to them here and there.
But I miss making my mandalas, so I played with the oils paints, redoing an old canvas.
I don't think it's done yet.
This came from the Daily Guru this morning:
With Clear Seeing,
Reality does not suddenly change.
All that shifts is our perspective --
and we eventually rediscoverthe familiar Reality we have been seeing all along.
The moment of awakening may be marked by an outburst of laughter,
but this is not the laughter of someone who has won the lottery or some kind of victory.
It is the laughter of one who, after searching for something for a long time,
suddenly finds it in the pocket of his coat.

I picked up Alberto Villoldo's book Courageous Dreaming last night...
I paused to think: "What story am I telling myself? What dream am I dreaming? Why not change my story, change the perspective of it and redream the dream to what I would rather see?" Have I bought into this dream? Why?
Am I dreaming you? Am I dreaming all of this?
We share this dream of life on earth and I would like to wake from the nightmare of selfishness and greed to a dream of sharing and helping one another.
Shift the perspective.. look into my pocket to find that all I had to do was just put my hand there and find the key.
Change the story.