Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Day 16 &17 Wheel of Life

While in yoga class on saturday, I had this vision of this Chakrasana pose with fire coming from the belly. We are studying the 3rd chakra and it's related postures. This is not a 3rd chakra pose, but more of an opening for all the chakras. But I had this vision of the belly reaching and being on fire. This is our power center and it's element is fire. It is also the center of our commitments and thought it appropriate to study this now while I am working on this daily commitment to myself. So, this piece is about the wheel of life, being rooted to the earth(1st C.), giving birth to our ideas (2ndC.), Using our power to commit (3rd C.), Opening to Unconditional Love and acceptance (4th C), Giving expression to our Voice (with Gratitude, 5th C.), Having inner Vision (6th) and embracing the Universe, Unity, All That Is. And of course the arms, creating with love through the heart center... It all flows and comes around, repeating the cycles of life.
Peace. Love. Gratitude.


Jo in NZ said...

I'm not stalking you, but all your stuff is so good, it's quite an effort to not comment on everything, everyday.
Now there's a thought. I couldn't commit to DD, but maybe I commit to comment on your DD everyday. haha

JoTee said...

Doreen I can see a line of greeting cards with these beautiful works of ART that you have been working on & a series to auction on eBay....so is any of your artwork for sale...I am interested in acquiring some.

Syene said...

Doreen! I love your drawings. So incredibly insightful and beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to post them for all of us to see!

kristy b said...


I really like your Wheel of Life
I am just studying and working thru
the Tibetan 5 rites - this made me think of them.