Monday, June 11, 2012

Seeing through the veil of confusion

Out of chaos and confusion
my vision moves 
towards the beauty of the Earth
giving Bearth to a new way
of seeing
All That Is
is all we need to see
and Be.
Egg and Seed
full of potential
ready to sprout,
take root
crack open.
Nourished by the 
Grace of Goodness
Light, Air, Water, Earth
Blossoming into Magic
bearing the fruits of Wisdom.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Healer

Back of assemblage

May we all receive the energy, the light, the balancing of our chakras. 
Embrace beauty around you.. that is healing.
Let this beauty uplift you and be grateful to our Mother Earth for all she provides.
Take this beauty and create something.
Be healed by it.

The Memory Keeper

A new piece I created for the exhibit John and I are in at Masterpiece Framing.  I bought a broken piece at Michael's for a fraction of what they were asking and it suited me well.  The memory keeper began at the bottom drawer, the Earth.  I pray future generations don't have to try to remember how beautiful the Earth is, how lush her gardens, rain forests, her parks and all the living species on it.  She is our home, our foundation.  She provides us with all that we need, and to live a joyful and full life.
From our birth, we began to gather memories, childhood games and dreams.  A time for playfulness and dreaming up that perfect world that is filled with fantasy.  A time when we can reach up and wish upon stars.
As we grow into our adulthood this drawer begins to close.  We forget our dreams and get caught up in making a living.. and yet foolishly forget how to live.  We use time to take care of survival instead of creating.  When we do create, we find ourselves lost in time.. no time.. and maybe it is here that we realize the illusion of time.  We forget the real cycles of life when we become a slave to the clock.  Instead, I choose to follow the moon... and the heart.
All those past loves, all the ones that have come into our lives.. some for brief moments, others for the length of our lives.. some live on ever in our memories.. Gather the hearts and keep the drawer open.
The last drawer, the drawer of secrets.. mysteries we may never know.. Questions asked and never answered.  No way to open this one physically.. so we just need to trust.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enter the Heart..

I just had to play and see where this would take me... wandering... and then there you were.. all roads lead toward the heart.. enter here.

Friday, May 04, 2012


Changes - no matter where they are, where they come from make us stop, slow down, relearn.. change along with them or get left behind.  Because of the changes to blogger, I can no longer just jump onto the blog...oh no, I had to change my browser and then figure out how to even get to my other blogs.
Once we get it, we are fine, but it is that initial change that we resist.  Is it age?
But maybe this is what I needed, because I DO need to slow down, review some things and maybe take it upon myself to make my own changes.
Have I been living on auto pilot.... there needs to be some balance and maybe that is the lesson for me, the balance of the outer world and the inner world and it is this reflection - out there- that is speaking loudly to me.
What is being reflected back to me speaks volumes.  Where are all these little annoyances, irritations coming from?  What am I needing to look at within my self that I need to address?
In sight... Insight..

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Vision Quest

At the New Moon we plant our

vision seeds.

what you sow, you reap

Plant ideas

Plant these seeds

tend to them

watching - feeling

roots deepen

reach outwards

Tend to the mind - think rightly

Tend to the emotions - speak truthfully

Tend to the body - act consciously


Walk around this sacred wheel.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Praying in Color

I have been using small moments of art time to find some time to listen. I guess it's more of an allowing. Allowing thoughts to float through and notice what they have to say. What comes up.
I've picked up the paint brush, and a crochet hook as well. I pay attention to what color wants to be used and whether is wants to shout or just blend in.
Feeling that "what next" question and with that comes the listening... the validations. Am I on the path? Is there something else?
Part of this is having patience.. waiting and observing.. but there is a desire to have more of this listening time and I'm working hard to give it to my self.
I'm pulled towards a few things at once and really, I'm not so sure I have to choose between any of them. There is a strong desire to pull it all in.. yes, I want it all! Not at the same time of course :-)
Something is creeping up though... and where it leads will be a surprise for sure.