Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enter the Heart..

I just had to play and see where this would take me... wandering... and then there you were.. all roads lead toward the heart.. enter here.

Friday, May 04, 2012


Changes - no matter where they are, where they come from make us stop, slow down, relearn.. change along with them or get left behind.  Because of the changes to blogger, I can no longer just jump onto the blog...oh no, I had to change my browser and then figure out how to even get to my other blogs.
Once we get it, we are fine, but it is that initial change that we resist.  Is it age?
But maybe this is what I needed, because I DO need to slow down, review some things and maybe take it upon myself to make my own changes.
Have I been living on auto pilot.... there needs to be some balance and maybe that is the lesson for me, the balance of the outer world and the inner world and it is this reflection - out there- that is speaking loudly to me.
What is being reflected back to me speaks volumes.  Where are all these little annoyances, irritations coming from?  What am I needing to look at within my self that I need to address?
In sight... Insight..