Friday, February 24, 2012

Praying in Color

I have been using small moments of art time to find some time to listen. I guess it's more of an allowing. Allowing thoughts to float through and notice what they have to say. What comes up.
I've picked up the paint brush, and a crochet hook as well. I pay attention to what color wants to be used and whether is wants to shout or just blend in.
Feeling that "what next" question and with that comes the listening... the validations. Am I on the path? Is there something else?
Part of this is having patience.. waiting and observing.. but there is a desire to have more of this listening time and I'm working hard to give it to my self.
I'm pulled towards a few things at once and really, I'm not so sure I have to choose between any of them. There is a strong desire to pull it all in.. yes, I want it all! Not at the same time of course :-)
Something is creeping up though... and where it leads will be a surprise for sure.