Thursday, February 24, 2011

Share your light

What purpose does it serve if we have something and cannot or will not be open to sharing it.
Joy is magnified when we view a gorgeous sunset, break bread or share our gifts with another. Our gifts are doubled as we share them with another.
What purpose does it serve to bury your light, hidden under that bushel. We all have a special light that needs to shine, to help carry someone to greater sight.. insight.
Our being on the planet is reason enough to share it... to help others.. Maybe we are the holders of that light while another climbs out of a darkness.
What about being the one who receives the light... how open can we be to say yes to it.. allowing another one to be the barer of that light and be carried through to our own brilliance.
Deep gratitude goes to those who have given me the inspiration to shine my own light.. Thank you to those of you who have given praise and complements to lift me up, inspiring words, giving me confidence to go out and shine my light.
Thank someone today that has helped you to see the light.. whether a candle flame or bonfire... it has helped you.. me.. to walk along this path. We cannot shut our eyes or hide in the dark any longer but rather reach out to someone who needs a touch of lightness.
Whether you carry this light or someone else does, both receive the benefits.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

aaahh, yes. you understand me :-)

I saw this wonderful post first on my friend Chaska's website and went to read it here at
this blog. Living Story - understanding creative people.
It was one of those moments when someone writes about you and you say.. yes, that's me.. and someone finally gets it! Someone understands.. most creative types do understand other creative types.. but let's face it.. sometimes we question our own sanity with this.
But when you read it in black and white and read someone define your behavior.. it has to bring a smile to your face and relax into that feeling.. yes.
So, what is it that I wish for you .. you creative types out there.. that you are true to you higher self and that creative genius that lives inside of you...