Monday, January 02, 2006

Day 1

These two images were done Jan. 1, but were started on New Year's Eve.

"And how are you on this very fine day?" is the black and white pen. Just playing around...more like following where the pen wanted to go and being playful about it. The tree is twinkling H2O's with the micron pen. I love the sunsets in winter and I love trees.


Dale Anne said...

Oh Doreen, what a GORGEOUS tree!!!
All the pieces on this blog are LOVELY.
You inspire me to try drawing!!!

Lauralyn said...

I LOVE your first DD's! They are beautiful....I bookmarked your blog, can't wait to see more.

focus said...

I like both these drawings and the cover below, looking forward to seeing your work as the year progresses

JoTee said...

I just love your DD's