Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

A mandala for Jake.
I read in Jill Badonsky's Awe-Manac that today is George Washington Gale Ferris' birthday.. the inventor of the Ferris wheel.. That just so happens to be my son's last name..
and it's Valentine's Day.
Reflecting on it, I'm reminded of the wheel of life and all the stages we go through.
A medicine wheel of sorts.
I used the cup as the holder here. Cups are emotions.
Hearts for each stage in life.. because all that matters is that we take love along for the ride.
Through the ups and downs in life, it is the only thing that makes it worth it.
Love. Share it. Receive it.
Fill your cup with it.
Drink it in.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

reaching out

Finding that fine balance of me vs. you (first house sits Saturn - Uranus in my 7th).
Give and Take.
I reach out to you and you and you and you....................................................................... because I like to :-) I like sharing and gathering and joining.. Aquarian nature. Community.
But I also LOVE to be by myself. Gather with in, use what I have learned out there.
It's out there that I get my inspiration from! The world we live in and the people we meet, online and off, makes for one very colorful world.
So, I like to stay plugged in. I like variety.
Some times the "me" time is challenging. sometimes I have to say no... sorry, I just cannot add one more item to my plate. I'm full. Push the plate away... how else will I enjoy desert!
Desert = me doing art. I've been putting myself on the back burner for awhile... simmering ... waiting.. sneaking in some art here and there. Last night I put up the flame!
and here's another piece, my reaching out but it goes both ways. We are connected, not cut off, so we feed each other. We just have to say, "ok, now it's my turn"
Tag! You're it!
Take some time for yourself today and create something :-)

Zen-tangle of Joy

A friend and I went to see Andy Dooley friday evening. funny guy! You may be familiar with T.U.T. and notes from the Universe, which his brother Mike does. Andy sends some other inspiring emails with art. He's a funny guy. yes. it did me a world of good, but I didn't actually realize how much until yesterday morning while rushing and brushing my teeth, the "aha" came to me...."serious problem".... shit! I WAS being too serious... waaaaaaay too serious lately.
I needed to lighten up and an evening of laughter was what I needed.
I also needed to do some art.
Balance. I've been working hard, teaching classes, doing some volunteer work for Youth Art Month, doing some online classes for myself and then there is the "caretaker" part :-)
Jupiter conjuncting my sun in 5th house.. EXPANSION...
so I needed to get off the computer... stop watching House, and go into the back room and create.
and so I did. This is one of the zentangles. When I turned it on it's side I saw this goofy grin. Yeah. There it is again..... smile. laugh. find that joy and stop taking it all so serious.
Pay attention to the messages.....