Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to mandalas

Autumn's burst.
I love autumn, but last week was more like winter.
I love the colors and it's my favorite time to drive.
I could walk forever in the woods with leaves swirling around my head.
It's the energy of autumn, that invigorates me with creative energy.
I want to capture it.
Wrap myself up in it.
It's the the energy of fire.
Eating the rays of the sun.
Have you ever wanted to just find yourself on a little island, eating the rays of the sun?
Drawing in it's healing energy.. looking at the reflection of the moon in water...
embrace yourself with dazzeling light?
close your eyes.
and be there.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Most popular

This seems to be the one that most people respond to first. The chakra box. I called it Between the Earth and Sky. click on the close up for details. There are small bottles representing each of the chakras. My focus is to take the Middle Way, the Tao, in life.. the path of heart.
We called the show Random Fixtures of the Heart. It all comes back to that, the heart. Keeping it open to find it's messages, to follow it's path.
The path to peace.
Of the nine pieces, this one had the most favorable response. Which one is yours?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Art Show - part 3

When most of the people had left, Igor and my sister took pictures of us.. and of course we were goofing around...
Reflections of the Moon
Memories of the Moon - a piece the evolved about global warming. Protect our oceans before they become just a memory...

This is the Vision Box.

Strange Fruit:

Dear Monsanto,

Please leave our seeds alone.

Make Fun Stuff:

This turns around, so it was interesting photographing it... this is the back..

one side

and the other...

Art Show - part 2

A most wonderful feeling... and able to take a breath!
This piece, Reminders of Life, is in memory of Margaret, John's sister that left this planet on May 18th. These are her shoes.
There were lots of lessons for me with her death and one of them a reminder not to put off doing that which you love to do. Not only that, but to have more faith, to dance, to take more chances, to live life to it's fullest.
Dare. Dream. Create.
Don't put anything off.

Close up of the hanging shoes.

My dear brother taking a look...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Art Show - part 1

Between the Earth and Sky:
A Chakra Box
Taking the Middle Way, the path of heart
This one was probably the most popular one of the assemblages/shrines.
Me and John as things began to wind down. I'm next to The Vision Box.
I loved how this one complemented the "eye of love" next to it.

This is the inside of Excavating the Heart. The back of it reads:
"I think you are searching for a heart of gold," she said.
"Yes, and I had to dig deep to find it."
The more open the heart,
the deeper one loves.

Take the pearl, leave the shell. Inspired by Rumi. All these found at Rye beach, except the doll head which I "inherited" from Margaret.

Breathe: Follow the Path of Passion.
As I was creating this, I was influenced by a book my brother and I are reading and it evolved into a piece dedicated to him. It's about finding your path in life, following your passion, your bliss. When one does, everything falls into place... like these assemblages :-)
My brother creates beautiful ponds, loves nature... a natural gardener. We share a commonality in the love of nature... so this one is for him.
Need to go eat... and I'll post more later.