Saturday, August 29, 2009

For Passion

After creating this last night, I thought I'd dedicate it to my friend Ann Marie whose birthday it was yesterday... Happy Birthday! It's message is to follow your passions in life. Open up to them, keep them always in your heart and let them out to share with the world.
Who would we be without our passions?
They are what keep our fires burning. Vowing to keep stoking that fire, feeding it with doing that which I love to do. My art. My spiritual path.. these are things I share with my friend.
Always good to have a friend to share these passions with and glad to share this path with you.
Happy Birthday :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Away from or Towards

I had one of those moments when it "clicked" as to how I was looking at something a bit problematic in my life... attached. stuck. focusing on what I wanted to remove from my life.. what I was wanting to move away from... when I focused on it, I felt terrible.
And then something happened...
I began to visualize what it was that I did want.. what I wanted to move towards and my body felt different. I smiled. I felt good... aaahh, silly me.
Looking out the wrong window again.
It is that law of attraction.. what you focus on is what appears.. even if only in thought.
So instead of moving away from, I am now moving towards.
Not from, but to...
and it feels so much better :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

All One

A week long vacation to take in the mountain air and spend some time creating. I did quite a few mandalas. Our cabin had a table big enough to share.. John on one side and me on the other with enough room to spread out. We could hear the sound of the water rushing by, birds singing along with the smell of wood burning below at various campsites. It's a peaceful place.
We take walks to the creek, read and do our art. A truly relaxing vacation.
This one I did with the twinkling H2O's that I ordered.. and finally got to open up the new colors.
Most of the mandalas unfold without any conscious intention other than just wanting to create in a circle. Afterwards I sit with it. Listen to what it wants to say, or what I need to hear.
Being in this environment, it is easy to feel at peace and at one with all beings... human, animal, plant, river, rock... breathing in the beauty, listening to the song of the birds... reminding me of what is important.
I feel in alignment again.
I fell out of it for awhile and I'm not so sure why I had to create all this drama. I did have a choice on how I responded to all of it and I didn't do very well.
This mandala reminded me of the oneness...
~All One~
One with the Divine
She is One with Nature
Goddess of Expression
Creative Spirit
Her palette is her Spirit
holding the colors
Nature has manifested for her
Her power comes from heartfelt Service
Wisdom passed on..
Stamina shines forth
Radiating her strength
She knows
She sees
All embracing
Reaching out

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Deep Reach

Reaching out from my heart center
How far, how deep
can I reach
I want to open out to the Universe
Stretch so deeply
as to touch the edges of life and love
Open up so deeply and fully
Embracing all life and love has to offer
Embrace All
even the unknown
Drink it into my heart
filling it to it's fullness
and then exploding it outwards
landing all over you :-)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Insightful mandalas

I did this one on Sat. morning.. called "inner sensing" which I didn't really know why. It was something that popped into my head and didn't question it. I pretty much did that through out the mandala.. choosing colors intuitively. Allowing. Seeing what comes up. Later comes the insight.
Interestingly enough, in yoga class, this is pretty much what the class was about. Inner sensing - getting in touch with what was going on internally. It was an amazing practice! Powerful in "presence" and right in synch with what I am reading... The Presence Process by Michael Brown.
This mandala is called, "when paths merge". Life can be so freaky at times. Small. Without going into the details of it, life has shown me that when we are on a path, you never know who you'll run into. We all have our path in life, but I find it astounding at times how paths interweave with someone else's.. another "pay attention" moment. What is this telling me?
I'm where I'm supposed to be. I guess we all are where we're supposed to be. We just look too much outside ourselves and into the future.. wondering rather than Being in the present moment and receiving and intimately feeling the moments in our hearts, bodies, soul... relishing each glorious moment.
Each step.. walk gracefully.
Each breath.. be aware.
Being conscious of life.
Living it with conscious awareness rather than mindlessly walking-talking-in-the-head-to-the-next-place-I-need-to-be and in such a hurry that you don't consider anyone else around you... ever been like that?
Take a moment to walk. slowly. consciously. allow your body to move the way it desires. Give it permission.. to sway. to swoon. to glide... to move into dance. Be inside and take notice.
Have fun :-)