Saturday, July 09, 2011

Gratitude Wheel

I shifted gears this week. For 6 weeks I work at camp as the art specialist. I love working with the kids creating for the most part, but not fond of the hot, sticky weather that I have to do this in. I work under a tent of blue and orange stripes which creates confusion as to the color of things and it absorbs the heat! Along with that, add bugs, bees and unorganized materials and you'll understand why I tried this experiment this week.
Each morning on the way to work, I said "thank you" to everything good that popped up in my mind.. everything from clear pathways to beautiful landscaped houses I passed to green lights and the people who paved the road... Many things came to mind...and so I started out each day with this grateful state of mind.. and even through all kinds of challenges, I stayed pretty calm.
I was able to lighten up!
So, for the next 5 weeks, my intention is to be thankful those things that I love and am grateful for. It's a powerful prayer.
Coming home was much more challenging.. .. .. ..
As these wheels of life turn, each day brings an opportunity to try again :-)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Mandala Time

I did some mandalas while away. They're in a small watercolor journal and are done with marker and glitter gel pens which are spread with a waterbrush. I scanned them, so they don't show the glittered effect so much.

This first one is Solstice Abundance: Birth of Summer and all it's abundant blessings.

Each new day brings new blessings while others are revisited... I count them, but lose count there are so many and I am grateful. It was a gorgeous week listening to bird song, river tumbling over stone. Comfortable to sit.. and be still.

Listen to my own inner self.

It is a creative universe.. a Universe filled with Creativity.. and I am filled with it as are you.
There is no end to it.

Each direction, no matter which way we turn, it is there for us to reap it's rewards, this abundance that is there for us.. we just need to open our eyes.

Then open our heart

and let it in.