Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Mandala Rock Posted by Picasa

One of my plates Posted by Picasa

I love Mandalas!

One of my favorite centering exercises is to create mandalas. I have a sketchbook of them. I was doing them quite often. Then I started painted them on plates and rocks. Whenever we went to Phoenicia, I would go to the Esopus river and gather up some rocks, looking for the roundest ones I could find. As I was brainstorming some ideas for the Daily Devotions, this was one of the things I will do. Someone from the list mentioned a calender....mmmmmm, do I need another calendar????

Beginning to see some light

Still more to do, but I am begining to get somewhere and have a few ideas. The room is very busy because everything is exposed. When I look at the areas that are organized, my eyes rest. Some shelves that hold odd containers appear to be so unorganized and I will either cover them or get some containers that are the same. Tempted to go to the Container Store today.

I am using a Starbucks box that was filled with stuff for Christmas. It is the perfect size and opens up to 3 tiers. Ideally it would have been cool if it had 4, one for each season. oh, well.
I have been journaling as I go along, writing about organizing as well as ideas that pop into my head. Although my intention is to work in a 6x6 format, I am not limiting myself to it. If I am working on a doll or shrine, I'll take a picture of it for this book- in- a- box.
As I am cleaning up, finding stuff, it is also inspiring me with new ideas. I find things, materials, that I have forgotten about. It is true that clutter costs money. There are things I have found that I went and bought again either because I forgot I had it or it was beyond my reach. Easier to go buy it again.
There are many layers in the room which presents many problems to accessibility. Layers as in piles going up and well as layers coming outward. It got to a point that I had a path and that was it.
I am begining to get to the "comfort" stage. This is so necessary for me to work. And tonight it is especially important. New Year's Eve is ritual time. The last few years, I have spent in my room creating. I look at it a Creative Beginnings.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Still At It

More bags out the door. Books, more paper. Lots of paper.
I had a dream last night. I gave birth. I took this child from within me, nursed it but did not cut the cord. I wanted someone else to do it.
I left to go to the hospital and on the way stopped to go to the bathroom. At this point the baby is no longer attached and when I finished taking care of myself, I could not find the baby. I was in a room filled with people. I found the baby under a pile of magazines! Luckily "she" did not suffocate from being under them.
This morning I found yet another bag of magazines in the closet.
I went through the filing cabinet and found some interesting stuff, but got rid of old paperwork. I released the past. Let it go.
I went through some books. Kept some for "altering", and the first one being a child "birthing" book. That I am definitely altering!
All of this letting go, clearing out, making room for new energy to enter feels great. Tomorrow is the New Moon and that fits right in with all of this preparing for the new year.
I cannot let things go for this long anymore. Even though I did a lot, there is still so much more to do, to release, to organize.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A week of decluttering

It's Tues., Day 2 of the decluttering process. The hardest part was to begin. Every time I walked into the room, I was tempted to walk back out. "Where do I begin??"
I could not get to my closet, so I cleared a path and was able to put away some clothes. I stayed in that corner all day Monday. I worked on a box of magazines, some shelves near the closet and part of the bed-turned-table.
Today was a little easier to throw out stuff, some fabric that I would probably not use anyway. I went through 2 bags of Paper: meaning photos that I had printed out, postcards of art, notes, cards from last birthday(Jan.) business cards, etc. I probably cleared off my desk and threw it all in a bag. I really cannot do that anymore. I found a card from Ginny. Actually 2, last years Christmas card and my birthday card. Ginny passed away in Nov. She was a stamping buddy. I put her card on my desk. It will be a reminder that Life doesn't wait for us. If we don't do it and procrastinate, it may never get done.
I'm putting some pictures that I find in a basket that I will work from for collaging. Thinking soul collage here.
ok, Back to work.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My New Year's Goal

In preparation for the new year, I am setting up this blog to journal about my art and post the artwork I will be doing. Starting Jan.1,I will be creating a piece of artwork everyday. That is the goal. The theme of the work will be Gratitude. My intention is to work small, 6x6 pieces that will be bound (possibly) at the end of the year. Until then I am preparing a box to put them in.
So this should be quite an experience. The one big hurdle I will have to work with is to keep some space clear to work on. Hey, if I have to work on the floor, I will do it.
I am intending to create sketches, collages, paintings, photographs and even sewing. I'm sure this will evolve to something I cannot forsee, but sharing the journey with anyone that is interested will be fun. Thanks for looking. Any comments are welcome (except the spam ones!)