Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love is the best medicine.

Some of you already know and some of you don't, but my husband went into the hospital with very high ammonia levels. Serious shit and it really scared me. For a few days I sat by his bed drawing mandalas, praying and talking to him.
I believe that whether he heard me or not, he would receive the energy I was sending.. I repeatedly told him I loved him... and focused on centering my self with positive energy by working on several mandalas. This is one of them. I appreciate all the care that was poured upon my husband in ICU at Westchester Medical and I added to that my special medicine.. Love.
He is doing much better. Taken out of ICU and eating and back to his humorous self, he is moving along, but he needs a liver.. a beautiful healthy liver for him is prayed for and would love for you to join me in that prayer.
Hey, don't take anything for granted... appreciate ALL of it. We have this amazing body - take care of it. We live in the incredibly beautiful world - take care of it.
Thank you.