Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day 26-"Metamorphite"

I had a weird day yesterday. Somewhat frustrating. Stuck. Limbo. Transition, yes stuck in some transition and this is what appeared... pretty bizarre. But appropriate in that I was feeling stuck in this transition, not knowing where I stood on certain things. Thank God/Goddess' for Art! Today, although still feeling overwhelmed, I gained some ground on some projects and felt as though I was moving foreward. I drew this last night and painted it in this evening and laughed at how art reflects our feelings, moods...This one seems to say, "Where the heck am I going?" I also have some bags under my eyes due to sleepless nights because my head is so crowded. Sometimes transition is so painful. John calls him "Metamorphite". I keep thinking its Saturn who is in Leo opposing my sun in Aquarius.....

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Tessenei said...

He is just exquisite. Such expressive eyes - so much kindness with just a hint of mischievousness.
I'm enjoying your "Year of Art". Your art plus the journaling are so inspirational. Your art is so peaceful and beautiful to me. I've read your angst about your life and where you are going but I can't see it in your art. Your Muse creates so much lovely art that soothes my soul. Thank you for sharing it - I come here first thing every morning for a beautiful start for my day.