Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flowers for Me :-)

I've been missing in action here for awhile... lots going on. Art patiently waiting for me to work on.. various works in stages.

Today my wonderful husband brought me some flowers for an early birthday present.

Having flowers in the home in the winter really perks one up... and brought some inspiration. Camera in hand, I took some photos which may be turned into paintings.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keyword - New

What have I been doing lately? Sharing.
Creating with kids. It was clay week. I used it with every class I had and it seems to have been what we all needed. From abstract pieces to creative creatures in a cage - model magic to plasticine- it was all good.........

And we are usually rewarded at the end of class with beautiful sunsets. With my own art, I've been all over the place - painting, collage, assemblage, furniture and preparing for my new venture teaching in a new studio with older students. Scary and exciting at the same time. It is all good. It's all growth. Youth Art Month preparations, Exhibit of the Young Child prep as well and now a new possibility of a juried art show. Ideas are streaming through my mind and it is ready to explode with all these possibilities...... new beginnings.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Art is good for the Soul!

It was a joy to watch these kids create. some were so absorbed in the process of creating. Others mixed and remixed all the colors until they ended up with brown clay, while some kept the colors seperate and clean. Some were simple, some very full and colorful and other's created an airplane or space ship and played with it.
I love all the swirley colors.....
Liking those beads!

Day 2- creative all day long :-)

Today was a pretty creative day. I began the day with the children's center. We worked with clay - model magic - and primary colors so they could mix new colors. What was kind of nice was how a few kids came in with a bit of a "mood" and watched how it changed. Art is magic.
Art is healing.
Yesterday as I was reading, an image came to me for a painting. I pulled out a canvas, 20 x20 from under the bed and did a quick sketch on it.
Ripped out some more images for my next collage as well. Not only that, but I pulled out an assemblage that I started a while back. It got buried behind a bunch on stuff and I unearthed it today... I brought it to the forefront of the large table to work on.
This made my day today.... One of the kids said he wished I were his teacher and would stay all day long and not go home. Sweet, huh? I told him that I would be back. Nothing in the world like a smiling, happy kid enjoying himself and creating. I'll have to upload the pictures and post some.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Begin Again - Intentions '08

Beginning another year of art. I've decided to begin with a series of collages. These are Intention collages. Today, it is focused on my spiritual intentions of the new year. Practice yoga everyday and challenge myself to grow and expand in my practice. Find more time to go within and listen to that "voice", the one that speaks from my heart and knows all the answers. Keep focusing on my connection to Spirit and when I am being true to myself, I can be and share the truth of my authentic self with you. This is the Self that contributes to the World, a piece of the puzzle, that if I did not share with you and you did not share with others, would create a gap, and the puzzle would miss a valuable piece.
Always return to center. The center within - the heart.
Speak with kindness and good intention and find the sacred in everything.