Saturday, May 31, 2008

Journal page 2

I sketched this out the other day and painted it in today. After reading an email (on the other blog) I am placing my focus on what brings me beauty, what is good in life.
Today, I was a bit challenged while driving. I found myself again focusing on the inconsiderate drivers, judging others for driving these huge cars ("why the @$#! do they need a hummer!") and catching myself, I asked myself where was I finding the beauty??? I turned my attention to that which I could find and soon realized I can find beauty in anything really.... it's just a matter of changing one's perception...
Sometimes though, it is just easier to stay home. I decided a lack of sleep and feeling a bit cranky does not make for a happy Doreen who is loving everyone out there.. better to be home and read and nap and paint with my twinkling H2O's. Yeah, that's what brings me joy. Creating.
Being with John, sharing our thoughts....
Life is good :-)

Join the Fun!

Have you ever done an online class?
I've taken one on and love how it was done. Mai-Liis is a great teacher and she is offering another class. It's a Torso Tag Book....

Come Play with Me!
The torso tag book class through has been canceled, so I will be teaching it through my website.

Start date: June 11, 2008, when you receive the materials list complete with substitutions which...chances are good you already own, torso outlines, and all the instructions. I will be online with students for 3 weeks to make sure that everyone has the help that they need, but you can do this project whenever you have the time. The tags are placed into the book with brads, and therefore can easily be removed and used for other purposes such as gift tags, or book marks.

Price: $25To sign up, PayPal to
This is a fun mixed media project for artists and non-artists alike.

I'm playing... I so need a project that I can do and share with others. You can go to her website to see her fabulous work and inquire about it if you need........

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Journal page 1

This is my doodle page. Profound, huh?....
The one thing I constantly need to come back to is just that though. Too much in my head. I have to just go and do... just pick up the pen, or brush or whatever it is and just begin.
Hardest part is beginning. Once you do, the rest is just going with the flow....................

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A new beginning

today I sat with my pigma pen... bought some new ones which is always good for inpiring one to sit and draw. I heard Jake's voice saying to be spontaneous. He was referring to painting, but I wanted to just doodle and I did.
I opened up a new book, a scrapbook that was on sale. Outside cover will be redone, but the pages are nice for watercolors (twinkling H2O's) and I have begun.
Words and doodles became a fish. I'll post tomorrow when it's done.
It is good to start again.
Right now, it is something I need in my life.
Art therapy.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Coming out of hiding, I am.... I've been slacking off here with the art for various reasons. Distracted and preoccupied with other things. A trip to Peru and it's preparation and just plain ol' procrastination.
Now it's time to refocus my attention on my art. This includes my love of photography. I'm commited to carrying my camera with me every where again.
And the other thing is painting.
First is to finish up some paintings - the ones that came to a point and then were put on hold. My attention went into teaching and putting together an art and photo exhibit of preschoolers. That was FUN!
One of my favorite subjects to photograph is children. I took a few in Peru that I have on my other blog, but I'll put here as well.

I intend that I begin again, continue to create every day. Bring creativity into every aspect of my life, spend time in the art room every day, and create some art for myself and to share with others. I intend to allow spirit to co-create with me and my true inner voice come through into my work.

Deer, my totem animal. The path begins by walking your walk.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A beautiful day in the woods

Good morning mama!
We took a walk this morning at the marshlands and found this doe. She kept coming closer to us and wasn't bothered at all by us.

This little guy came out to say hi as well..

Friday, May 23, 2008


Peru's flower.
The hotel is surrounded by flowers. Opening up the window early in the morning, flowers and a hummingbird greet me.

Last year and this year we stayed at Pakaritampu Hotel. Really nice place. Didn't have "water issues" here, but instead the electricity went out. They had a generator though. What was cool was seeing the stars at night here. The hotel is close to the train station where we caught the train to Aquas Calientas at the foot of Machu Picchu.


Lessons on Life - cycles that begin and end. Dear flower, teach me how to be in touch with that part of life, that part of how to let go, when to release that which no longer serves the higher good. Teach me that it is all about transformation. Beginning - blossoming into our wholeness and then releasing and letting go when we have served our purpose.
Even in decay, there is beauty.
And each time, we begin again in our newness. Every day we can begin again. Each time blossoming into our truest Self. Being part of the oneness of All.
May we all see from the highest perspective, that of the Divine, to help one another.

More flowers

I am in awe!

A day with Nature

We took a walk at the beach and found these little guys swimming with mom and dad.
There is a neighbor that has a garden which always seems to be in constant bloom. I found these beautiful iris' and was just mesmerized by their beauty... looking deeper and deeper within. Yeah, that's where I wanted to be today... going within... going deeper within, getting in touch with my true inner self. I realized how much I love my camera and what it provides for me. Those moments that make me stop and look deeply into a flower, catch a bee and wonder at the magic of nature.
Flowers are so sensual.

Cusco from above

My new friends.
Walking up the street towards San Blas, there is a fantastic jewelry store. Unique pieces that stood out from the tiresome pieces you begin to see repeatedly on the street. One of the woman who works there had her daughter in the store, Andrea, in blue, a sweet little girl. She was drawing on a piece of paper with a red pen. While Mai-Liis was making some serious buying decisions, I played with her. We had gone back to the store numberous time and the last time gave Andrea two boxes of crayons. I wanted to encourage this little artist :-)
12 angles on this stone!
Sachsayhuaman from above on our way to Pisac.
Looking at Cusco from above. Cusco is laid out in the shape of a Puma, the jagged wall at Sachsayhuaman in the hairs on the back of it's head...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Garlic tiles done

Emelio sent the tiles I painted, completing this part of the wall. The only remaining part is above the doorway.