Saturday, October 27, 2007

why is it when you are looking for a stamp, it is always in the last drawer. On the way to it, you've spent 4 hours reorganizing all your stamps. The color is a bit off on this, but this is for Adriane. Happy Birthday.
Better late than never.
So this was how I spent my day. Making some pretty bad cards until I finally let it go. She's getting this one. It would have been nice to drop it in her mailbox today, but tomorrows another day..........

Thursday, October 04, 2007

First Class

We started the first class with a simple collage/shape recognition project. Fun to watch how they decide or randomly put pieces. Some are so deliberate. Others are layering pieces randomly.
This is the older group. With the exception of one child, I forgot to take pictures. I did remember with the younger ones though.
It looks as if I will be having two seperate groups. The 4's then the 3's which works out really well. I cannot imagine working with 30 children at once and still have fun.
One little girl is camera shy, so the teacher held up her work. In April, we will have an exhibit.. The Week of the Young Child will be our reception.
The exhibit includes their art, photos and quotes.