Friday, January 06, 2006

Day 5 "Having Faith"

This one comes with a story:
I had a running conversation in my mind about death. A friend of mine recently passed and I had just shopped for a project I was doing in her honor. In the car on the ride home I imagined this conversation with me telling the girls that I did not believe in death as being the end, that our soul continues and thinking of John Edwards, the medium, what would Ginny say. I imagined saying "I believe this 99%, no 991/2%, 99.95%! (Leaving room for error :-)"
I thought of her spirit being in the room as we would be creating our projects.... One the radio I hear a song, and catch a phrase about 99%. Thinking, am I hearing right? I turn up the radio, listening intently and the lyric is "99 1/2 % is not good enough". Taken aback at first, but felt this revitalized feeling and unable to take the grin off my face for the rest of the day....
So last night I forced myself into the back room and created these leaves. I used prismacolor pencils on black paper. As I was drawing the water drops, they reminded me of tears.
On the back reads:
Tears of Sadness. Letting go. Loss
Do you believe in the continuation of the soul? I was 99 1/2% sure.
"Well, 99 1/2% is not good enough!"
100%. That is what moves mountains. Be certain. Have no doubts. Do not concern yourself with the judgement of others... be concerned with your own beliefs.
Yes, I do believe with all my heart and continuing soul.
We continue.

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