Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mandala Party

At the end of the day, I grabbed some chalk and began creating a mandala in the middle of the basket ball court. Most of the kids were in the pool, but a group of girls took notice... "awesome!" they called out and came over to check it out. I handed over the chalk.....
Eager to participate, they started out with stars ... and then more girls came and then
their counselors joined in and we had a mandala party !
Life is good.


Cheryl A Finley: said...

What a beautiful project to do! Outside, nature, art and kids doing art - a combination that is wonder-filled I'm sure. I love the work you do (and wish my dayjob was like that) and it's great that they have the chance to express artistically. And, I fell in love with the photos you posted at the Oasis (the one's w/the kids on stage w/their mandalas) - I'd love to hear more about that project...creating a mandala w/a specific theme in a group setting...just marvelous!

And..I appreciate your wonderful comments on my blog today, thank you! I'm glad you're a part of our Oasis Community.

OK..back to packing for me - after a nap.

Doe Grozs Art said...

thanks Cheryl, but the photos at the group website aren't mine... can't take the credit for those.