Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out of the stormy center

As I was working on this one, towards completing it, I thought "center of the storm".
Out of the center, and sometimes a stormy one, new life forms. New moments. New ideas.
Storms clear away that which isn't strong, weak branches, trees... Natures way of pruning.
In order for new life to come, there needs to be space made.
yesterday, I felt a bit stormy.
I need to make some space for myself, emotionally, as well as physically and what better way to do that to go to the center.
and listen.
My "storminess" subsided when I did what I really wanted to do.. and that was to get some colored gel pens to play with.
The eye of the storm can be quite deceptive, leading one to think everything is all right. Below the surface the storm is brewing.... once realized though, once brought to consciousness, then you can deal with it however it needs to be... but first we need to realize what the heck it is!


JoTee said...

Hey Doreen,
I just love this mandalla, what did you use for drawing & coloring? Gel pens? On a black journal right?

Doe Grozs Art said...

Yes. but they are the gel pens that show up on black, as not all of them do.
thanks for your comments :-)