Thursday, July 17, 2008

Petal of Love

I had forgotten about the case of Prismacolor pencils I had.. brand new, only a few were even sharpened. It was nice to use them, having a different feel than markers. It's a slower process, especially when blending one color over another. It's outlined in a brush pigma pen and the black is colored in with marker.As I was coloring, it was actually making me want to go back to painting. With painting, I love blending colors, and just allowing the painting to evolve with layer upon layer... whereas with marker, it's quick, but once a color is down, there it is. Unless, of course, it's light enough and one can go over it... but for the most part, it's pretty flat.But I love marker for getting it out.. being spontaneous. It's down. Done. Spill it out!Pencils are gentler, softer, and I'm able to play more with shading.There is definitely a difference with good quality pencils. I've bought some other brands and they quickly became part of the kids materials.Even the Prismacolor pencils had been compromised. They used to be Berol and they were even better... today I find they don't sharpen as well, the lead being off center, especially when you by them in a tin. When I buy them individually, I check to make sure the lead is centered. Now they are made by Sanford and just not as good... too bad. I think they used to be even creamier and I hunt for the older ones.... which some are down to about 2"...This mandala, as I was coloring it, made me think of reaching towards love and how many aspects of love there are... Love comes in many colors.

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JoTee said...

Beautiful & stunning!