Sunday, July 06, 2008

Passion Flower

As I was creating this mandala, the four "buds" that appeared made me think of opening up, the bud beginning to blossom.
Sometimes, I feel like this. That I am in a continuing state of blossoming. Over and over again to new opportunities, to new experiences, each day to a new chance to begin again.
Opening up to our passions in life, being true to them without compromise.
Finding that passion and bringing it out into the world. This is what life is for. It serves no purpose to hide one's light under a bushel (or hidden under the bed, or put onto a shelf) where no one else can share these gifts... each of us having them. They are meant to be shared, so others can see and offer up their own.
It's only fear and insecurity that holds us back and for what reason really... why should it really matter what others think, say, or feel.
Fear of judgement?
I am choosing to open up and blossom, that is my intention. To reach out, share, feel what I feel and give back.
What is your passion and how do you share it? or what is holding you back??

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cheryl said...

Oh Doreen,
This is gorgeous! I espeically like the feel of the darker and lighter blue backgrounds - it makes me think of timing and cycles and "to everything there is a season..."

Excavating our gifts to ourselves, and then to the world is the ultimate gifts to share. What holds us back? Well..possibly "to everything there is a season."..and different rates of growth. Unfortunately some people cannot fathom the idea that they have gifts, let alone share them; but we can shine some light on that by...shinng OUR light! I wrote about this very topic here:

This is a wonderful post and you are a wonderful soul. I'm so glad you're a part of the Mandala Oasis...and this world : ) I appreciate the beauty that you bring.


P.S. "Blooming" is in the air, I blogged about that tonight!