Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seeds of Peace

While walking to yoga class Monday, I flashed on the idea of a peace sign mandala. I started it last night, worked on it this morning and finished it up this evening.
I wish I could have planted some of these today... or maybe I did.
It seemed to me that there was some "tired, weary" energy to the day. I could easily have taken a nap myself, but had to work the whole day and then continued on to the laundromat.
I observed some emotional situations at work and then again in the laundromat.
(It's not even a full moon)
Carefully chosen words, a hug and a listening ear.
Some days these are the seeds that we plant, we tend to the emotions of others, lend a listening ear, some heartfelt sympathy, a hug, a smile...
then we go home and tend the garden of our own soul, nurturing our bodies and our spirits with good food, loving company, and a rejuvenating shower.
And of course some art.
We reap what we sow :-)
May all beings be free from suffering and may all beings be at peace.


marianne said...

beautiful peace mandala!!!!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

everything I have seen has made me smile a little bigger ... so many speak to me, but this one, this one sings. :)