Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Silver journey

Using a silver gel pen and listening to music, I found myself in the art room instead of the bedroom. How easily I am distracted.........
I went in to turn the light off that I had left on, and there was the book, open as an invitation... circle already drawn.. just waiting for me.
Put on Shaman's Vision Journey and there I was on a journey, going within ~ a Zendala meditation.....

My Heart Pours Open

First page in the black journal.

The book is bigger and doesn't fit completely on the scanner, so the top words are chopped off. Layered first with white pencil and then layered color over it... ala Judith Cornell.

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Sue O'Kieffe said...

your silver zendala is sooooo amazing...i have been experimenting a bit with this form...my mind doesnt work in those twists really easily...maybe i should put on music instead of watching law and order suv...haha

well done
thanks for the inspiration