Thursday, June 26, 2008

Over or Through

As I was working on this mandala, John looked over and said, "going through a tunnel". I shifted my perspective of it. Actually, I was seeing it as a mandala rising behind the mountain... this all before it was colored in.
Now I see it both ways. As I was coloring it, my mind played with this idea of going over it or going through it. When confronted with an obstacle, what do we tend to do more often. It may appear to be hard to climb over something mountainous, but we may be just climbing over the surface and not truely going to the source of the problem.
Instead what appears to be easier, taking the road through, it actually brings us deeper into the real issue and sometimes can be quite painful. Going deep into the heart of the matter, getting in touch with the pain, really looking at it, rather than walking over it or keeping it beneath us, creates some very enlightening moments indeed.
Now, my mind shifts with this... going through... or seeing what's behind!
Mandalas can be so thought provoking and revealing ...........


Chris said...

Doreen! I immediately related to looking up through a redwood tree. This one really, really speaks to me.
Also like the deep blue one.
thanks so much,
hugs from Chris

Cheryl Finley: said...

Yeah...isn't it something that in the blink of an eye our perception can shift?...and it can make all the difference in the world! I too saw the mandala as behind (and possibly rising from) the mountain. And..saw the tunnel too when you mentioned that. Isn't it good to be able to shift in an instant to see more of what can be?

This also happend to me too just this week with a SoulCollage card I made. I'd only seen it one way, then I saw a new perspective and it opened up new possibilities for me in re: to healing (and who knows what else). I'd like to share what it w/you here. You'll see I have 2 entries:

Thanks for sharing your vibrant art, and insights.