Sunday, June 22, 2008

more mandalas :-)

Crystal Lotus
Cross roads. The center is empty, for "possibilities". I found some markers that I had forgotten about and played with the large variety of colors. It made me think about decision making. I've had this toothach and according to Louis Hay, teeth have to do with just that. decisions and indecisiveness. Decision-making is not my strongest asset... the more I think, the more muddled my mind becomes. I need spontaneity, decide from my gut, on instinct. This mandala made me think of this, crossroads being a time when I have to make a decision on which way to go. Which path I should take. The affirmation for myself is to feel confident that whatever path I do take, will be the right one and will take me to a wonderous adventure, no matter where I am.
I started with the two moon shapes mirroring each other, divided the circle in both directions and put a dot in the middle. from there the hearts and eye appeared and radiated outward. I had fun with the patterning of colors... light and dark.. but the result of the hearts and eye shape, the leaves representing life, seeing a world with love, I thought of John and called it, "I love my life with you"
Reaching towards Summer
Summer Solstice... things in bloom, reaching for the coolness of shade.

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