Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inward Path

Sitting in the waiting room......... television is on - divorce court - I wish I had a clicker to shut this off, but instead it becomes background to my going within... waiting... I brought my book and markers with me... I'm using this mandala to center myself. Go within. Be still. Pray.
John is in consultation with Dr. Wolf, a liver transplant specialist.
I continue to walk this path of going within to my heart, connecting to love, my love for him, and allow it to spiral outwards, sending healing prayers, thoughts of love...
What is the matter with these people on tv... but I notice it is all around me... pain and sorrow.. as I sit and wait, lifting my head every so often to see others in pain of some sort. I send out healing thoughts to everyone.
From my heart to your heart, may ALL Beings be at peace and may ALL Beings be free from suffering.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti......................


Cheryl A Finley: said...

Yes Doreen, I've been in similar situations..wanting to turn off the drama on tv in public places; and seeing others' pain puts it in our awareness to send out loving energy. We think alike ;)

Your mandala is beautiful..and once again is so "connected" to mine, one I did last summer and yep, it too was about my inward journey. Take a look:

Some of our inner-experiences and growth is resonant for sure :) I like that. And, I recently started a private blog to write my inner-most thoughts, kept it private...but guess what I titled it? "Inward Journey".

And..thank you for your comments and participation on my blog..and at the Oasis. I'm glad you're here.


yertle said...

This really touches me too.