Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mandalas at Mom's

Being in the NOW, spending time doing that which I love to do, see.
Ribbon Dance
In the mandala yahoo group, we had a "prompt" of what calms us...
Doing mandalas definitely calms me. This week, I took notice of when I was calm, centered and most peaceful.
My brother was away and my husband and I stayed at my moms these past two weekends. I took my sketchbook and twinkling H2O's along with my pigma pen and water brush. oh yes, definitely a wise decision...............
Besides creating mandalas, then next on the list is doing any art work... although painting more so. Then, meditating and doing yoga definitely brings me to that peaceful place. Reading. Listening to the birds and even the rain (as long as it isn't raining really hard).
I played a bit altering photos and another mandals not posted.
More later.........

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