Sunday, June 08, 2008

Journal pages

Intending to come to the page to work on a mandala, this came up instead. Inka Dreams kept repeating in my mind. I have been focused on bringing balance into my life and this turned out to be a top. When the top can spin and be in balance... all around us moving, but we remain centered. It is like being in the center of the wheel.
Centered. Balanced.

I started out scribbling with watercolor crayons, blocking in some color. Later I pulled things out, adding line. "Sometimes we need to create our own path by walking it." On the bottom it says, You have a choice. Follow the path that is already there or create your own path. As with everything, I have always strived for being original... walking a path that was true to myself.
Keeping on the theme of paths... First chakra. Foundation. Home. No matter where we go in life, it is good to come home.


Cheryl Finley: said...

Oh Doreen,
These are marvelous. Inka Dreams..I can feel the balance in the gentle breeze, it's still in balance; walking our own path...and love the first chakra "home"-- wow! I love them all. It's so gratifying to see the unique interpretations of what's going on with eacha other...and how we can be inspired by it all.

Leah said...

i love your journal pages, doreen. the top and the sense of balance is such a great image.

cheryl @ mandala oasis said...

I just love your artwork. The mandalas from the "mandalas at mom's, especially the one with the paint brushes and smaller circles of art expression -- that is So cool! It's great to have such a variety available. ALL of yur work makes my heart smile, and inspires me to get out there more, attempting "art" myself (other than my abstracts) I'd love to take a class with you!

I must check out those twinkling
H20s - (and watercolor crayons (i have some of the Caran D'arch, is that the same thing?) Glad you're a part of the Oasis :)