Thursday, June 26, 2008


This seems to be all over the place for me..... Connection. Good. It's good to be connected, sharing our life with those we love, giving of our time, our service to the greater good. Connecting to others fuels the soul, brings inspirational moments... fills the heart up with joy and gratitude. Yes, it feels good when we are connected..............and then.............
We must learn to disconnect.. just for awhile. Pull the plug so to speak on all those devices that keep us connected... find that disconnect button and go within. Go to that still place to replenish the well.
For me, it is art, reading, taking a walk in nature, just being still......
I need to disconnect for my sanity, to rebalance myself.
But I can also get lost there. Being disconnected for too long and I go to a very weird space indeed, so I need to reconnect again. It is maintaining this balance - connecting to others and connecting to the deeper self, higher Self, that keeps us healthy, in harmony.
When we are full, we can reach out to others and give of ourselves. But we must come back to fill the well before it is depleted.
Knowing when to disconnect and connect... that is key.


yertle said...

Such a great insight about the need for both connection and disconnection.

cheryl said...

Yes..knowing when to connect and disconnect seems to be an ongoing dance and learning of the steps sometimes. I am intrigued by the mandala you've created for this topic. I see the colorful object seeking to "dock" connect; and then it might be sailing off to disconnect for a while. I love self-created visuals that remind us of these ideas.