Friday, November 09, 2007

New Moon - Communicate!

I did a little bit more on the tiles... these are really taking me awhile. Need to focus and get these done. Still needs more work.......
Then I found another old canvas. I was on a round canvas kick for awhile. Most likely for mandalas and I started one, but never finished it. I kept some of the center and then just added to it today.
I did this after the New Moon.
As part of my new moon intention, which is a continuation of last month's, is to keep painting. On top of that, my intention is to exhibit.
This new moon is in my 3rd house. House of communication and it is my intention to communicate through my art. Put it out there! ( being in Scorpio, some of that deep stuff within I'm sure will come to the surface as well..).
The Art Everyday group is right in synch with this..


Leah said...

do you have any good online sources for information about the new moons? i'm curious to read more now that it's been showing up in my art!

Doe Grozs Art said...

Two places I go to are and