Thursday, November 08, 2007

Creative day 7 Nest Painting

I added a few more touches. The yellow feather for the bird in the dream.

This morning some thoughts on this painting were about the continuation of life, birth and death, the cycle of life.
The nest symbolic of this being round, the egg a symbol of new life and yet appearing as a full moon, symbolizing it's completion. Beginnings and Endings.
The water also represents the journey. I am not comfortable with water. Here is where fear lies. Fear of death, the unknown, that which is hidden from us. Death, grief, shedding the tears to help us release the pain.

In order for newness, the birth of something, to come into our life, we need to make room for it. No more water can come into a full cup.
I am learning how to release and let go in order to bring in that which will bring me joy, self-awareness, experiences for spiritual fulfillment. Growth.
I'm keeping a little room open for newness to enter.

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