Saturday, November 03, 2007

Flying with the Condor- Day 3

There's a lot to this painting... a lot of meaning for me personally. I spent this wonderful time in Peru this past spring with a friend of mine. I realized after returning that there is much more that I would like to see, Lake Titicaca being one of them.
She represents the Condor.
I am the tree. I use the image of a tree a lot.
I want to fly. I like flying. To see the earth from another perspective, above, makes me in awe of our amazing planet. So much to see. So much beauty!
In my spiritual life, I seek balance. I can be a bit too "flighty" and I'll chalk that up to having a predominance of Air signs and am very much in my head because of it. I do have some earth though, moon and rising sign and a Taurus husband. Very earthy. He keeps me rooted, maybe he would like me to be more rooted :-)
The painting is about transformation. How can I be rooted and still be true to myself and fly?
Probably no accident that I chose two panels here. The duality of life, trying to maintain balance. Keeping one foot rooted, while ready to take flight with new wings.
Bringing balance by listening to my heart more and not so much in my head.
Tomorrow I start another process of going through the chakras beginning with the root chakra. More on that later.
I need to refine it a bit and who knows if anything will be added, but I know one thing: Don't buy cheap canvas from Michaels anymore.


Cynthia said...


Your explanation makes it even more so.

Living Out Loud said...

Oh, Doreen! This piece gives me goose bumps!!! There are times when I am so envious of the tree.

JoTee said...

I love these two together, your work is incredible, plus I can see some changes in your drawings/paintings. huggies from NM