Thursday, November 01, 2007

Creative Every day starts today

I was thinking of trying to get the Daily Devotion group started up, but I found this blog, Creative Every Day and joined up with them to help keep me motivated. I makes me feel as though I'm accountable.
Today as I was washing up after class and the strongest feeling of painting again, being in a studio and exhibiting came over me. This is what I want.
I love the classes and all I do, but it's time for me to get back into my own self-expression through painting. These canvases have been collecting dust long enough.
Just keep painting. And today I did.


Leah said...

good for you! that must have felt fantastic. :-)

Tammy Vitale said...

Art Every Day month is like that - where you wind up is anyone's guess, but that every day thing? The best creative motivator I've ever had!

Wyanne said...

I'm so glad you painted! I bet it made you really happy.