Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A little Magic

There is so much going on this week and I'm trying to jam it all in along with some creative time for me.
I'm piecing it in here and there, along with necessary stuff, like laundry.
I took Angela Cartwright's new book, Mixed Emulsions, with me to the laundromat and it really inspired me to go back into my photos and take another look at them.
This is from the zoo. I turned it into a black and white, printed it on glossy paper and then colored it with Peerless Watercolors.
As I'm coloring it, I'm seeing all kinds of things I would not have noticed, a little magical kingdom that I am thinking of "pulling" out of this picture... or even creating a new painting from it. Endless possibilites!
I'm still painting tiles. And I'm still playing around painting a chair.
My morning had a wonderful turn-around to it as I learned I won a print from Cre8tiva which you can see here.
I had a wonderful class working with clay (always seems to calm them) and then an evening creating, playing, experimenting...

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