Sunday, November 04, 2007

Harvest Moon

Part of yesterday's wonderful day of painting... I added the butterflies and then called it a night.
This was a canvas that I was playing around with months ago, applying modeling paste and tar gel to it. It was then painted with lumiere paints, copper, gold, purple, blue... I had some foamcore pieces that also had modeling paste, but on a whim I painted over the whole canvas.

I was inspired by a dream I had. I may have written about it before, but instead of digging for it, here it is: I was looking into my bedroom from the art room. I saw a large tent-like cocoon that was filled with small black cocoons which transformed into butterflies. I went over to close the window so they wouldn't get cold and then into the kitchen to get fruit for them to eat.

I started to do some heart meditations, visiting my heart, each chamber recording whatever images came up.

It's about the harvest moon, what we harvest from our heart and how it transforms us. The heart is only halfway seen because it is still in the transformative stage, entering shyly into this new world. Be Brave my heart!

I like that the texture of the tar gel comes through in this spiraling, cocoon-like shape. Sometimes we must go through turmoil in order to reach the other side, to come out of our cocoon is pure faith. Faith in knowing that the Universe holds better things for us if we just allow it...

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Leah said...

the butterflies are gorgeous!!