Sunday, November 05, 2006


A new yahoo group I joined ~ Adventures in Journaling~ takes a card from the book and deck, Inner Outings by Charlene Geiss and Claudia Jessup.
What? is the first card chosen as our prompt.
I begin with "What" a lot. Never realized how much.
What in the world?????.....
What should I do?
What can I make?
What is the purpose....
What if....
I was once asked, What would you do if you came back to do it all over again... What would you be?
What would I do if I could do ANYTHING in the world - anything at all- no restrictions hold you back...
What would I do?
What do I really want?
What would I make/build/wear/eat/say/choose?
What would I create?
I would build a rainbow bridge which would hold magical wishes. Anyone stepping onto this bridge will have their dreams, desires manifested. Peace and understanding.
Talents realized.
Studios. Large and spacious and organized. Filled with a variety of create paintings and collages, shrines and assemblages, dolls and sculptures.....
What can I be realistic about?
I can do all these things, create what I want without the large spacious studio.
All this dreaming brought me to the present moment...
What can I do right now?
What can I make with what I have right now?
What am I afraid of? What stops me?
What would I do if I were brave??????????????

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