Thursday, November 02, 2006

Duality of Nature

My two favorite seasons in one. For two days we had mild weather here in NY. It was great. This picture is on the side of my mom's house. You can see that the leaves have pretty much had it - only those few lingering ones left. Another lilac bush -somewhat confused by this weather- is beginning to bloom. It's as if the cycle of life has run into each other which made me ponder this, not unlike the rust project did.
We become so comfortable with routine and process and take for granted the things that should happen in sequence. But sometimes life throws us some unexpected twist and we can look upon it in awe or get freaked out by it.
I love the beauty of both spring and fall. I am not thrilled with winter nor summer. I like comfort. I like moderation - except in art.
There, I like it when art makes one uncomfortable and goes to extreme. I like deep messages that makes one think. I like looking at duality of nature, of life, of us.
I like it when the unusual occurs and gets me thinking of "all that is", the bigger picture of life and gets me out of thinking small.

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