Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Whys...

Why haven't I done this sooner?
I worked on the back room. I finally feel a shift. Ready to move forward.. where.. I am not sure.
The journaling has helped.
I need to cut some more paper for my 6x6's. Now that I have "unearthed" part of the table in artroom, I can continue with projects that I've started and left incomplete. I'm creating sections in the room, keeping the drafting table for small projects: journaling and daily devotion 6x6's. I miss them. I even bought some new H2O colors and haven't even taken them from their package. The large table which was Jake's platform bed is now a work table for my larger projects: Shrines, Assemblages and even paintings. I could even sit up on it and paint.
I'm still going through papers. I thought having a computer would cut down on paperwork. NOPE! I feel a need to print out ideas/projects/quotes/my astrological forcasts/and pictures. I hold on to magazines, even shitty ones because I might need a picture from it.
Well, now is the time for change. Touch it once. Do you love it? if not throw it out. If I haven't used it in the last 10 years, why do I think I will now? Why do I hold on to things waiting for the perfect use for it? When that happens, more often than not, the paint gets dried up, the marker gets dried up, the paper gets ruined, or stuff gets broken, discolored or just loses it's specialness. Sometimes I just forget I had it because it has been buried so deep, into the deep recesses of a corner, or under the table/bed, so inaccessible that it would have been easier to just go buy another one. Pathetic.
Now I move forward to using what I have. If I use the stuff I have and live to be 100, I probably still wouldn't use it all.
Challenge: Use it all up.
Why wait? Start now.

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