Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Moving on the path...

While thinking of this Move On prompt, I kept thinking of Where. How.
In order to move forward, I need a clear path.
An Idea of where the heck I'm going!!
sometimes, that is not very clear.
My journal page is a road map of sorts. What is needed on the journey, how to get past those obstacles (clutter!) and to be focused on where I am going. I get distracted quite easily. I can also tend to get down on myself if I compare myself to others. There will always be someone better, someone lesser in terms of talent and yet I don't like to compare using those terms. There is just different and sometimes I wish I were different. Acceptence is a place I'd like to be. I'd like to move towards that place... Listen to my own inner voice. Be true to my own talents.
I easily lose my way, not knowing for sure where it is I want to go. I have a large ambitious goal. It is to run a Healing Arts Center. A place for me to teach art, teach yoga and meditation. A place to create and sell my own art as well as others creations. I visualize this wonderful peaceful place for others to come and create and heal and share.
Sometimes it seems so out of reach but when I stop to see where I actually am - it's halfway there. I teach art and yoga. I do my own art. I just would like to add the physical place that I can call my own. Sometimes I think if I put it out there the Universe will find a way for it to happen.

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