Monday, November 06, 2006

What will you teach?

This morning I had this strong feeling within me of being "a teacher". I bought a beautiful gemstone pendant on vacation this summer. It is a quartz with silver inside, azurite with apatite beads. When I purchased the pendant, the owner asked me what about it was I drawn to. I told him it was the first to catch my eye and I kept going back to it. I even left the store but felt this urge to go back to get it.
He said he felt the strong connection to teaching. Apatite is attuned to creativity and communication also. So many other times, while choosing "cards" on a whim, teaching will come up.
I teach art to children and yoga to adults.
Every monday, my first thoughts are about what I will be teaching this day. What can I bring to the mat? What can I bring to art class?
What can I teach without imposing my ideas. It's an interesting line that I watch. I want to inspire without imposing, especially in art. What I want most is to be passionate while I teach, put my all into it, be there with all of me, my mind, body and soul.
Hands are a stong symbol for me. They represent creativity ~ reaching out through the use of the hands to share our knowledge and our passions.
Can we teach passion? Can we teach love? Can we teach inspiration?
We only teach by way of model. If I am passionate today, I will teach what my passion looks like and maybe through that example, others can find their passion.
Today I will teach by example.

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