Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 sides of WHY

What I discovered for myself is that WHY has 2 sides.
Upon writing "why bother"I immediately cringed. How
negative. It seemed to be full of despair. Not a good why.
Why not? on the other hand is full of possibilities. It has potential. Why not do all those things I have dreamed of? Why not follow that wild and crazy spirit within? Why tends to go deep. It makes us look at the real issues: Why am I here? It gets to the heart of things. Even the little stuff: Why do I repeatedly make the same safe choices? Maybe that's not so little. Why can I not control my clutter????? Why do I have so many projects unfinished?
Why am I holding on to these "things"? Why am I having such a hard time letting go?
The positive "why nots" feel more inspiring. Why not take a chance? Why not speak up and say what I really feel? Why not ask for help? more? to be listened to? Why not be so wild and daring and not care what others think? Why not Love more, share more,? Why not be open and willing to experience all that the universe has to offer??????
Why not dance?

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