Friday, March 20, 2009

Peddle Hard

In the evening, when I can do nothing more than veg out in front of the TV or I just need to be in the company of my sweet husband... OR I just have no more space left in my art room...
I doodle.
And along the lines of these doodle/zentangles, I find it interesting what my subconscious mind has to say about it all.
I had to laugh at this one.
Carrying all the burdens of life, we do the best we can. We just get up and do it. Easy to do the stuff we love, but then along come the "obligations"... the services of love, really. Ok, sometimes they DO feel like obligations, but because we love, we pull up the strength and do it... and we keep peddling, carrying it all heroically, and in the end it makes us feel good to help.
Notice there is no steering wheel.
That is because I move along intuitively, faithfully, guided by Spirit, God, Universe.... the Ultimate Energy that guides ALL of it. I, and I'm sure I could substitute "we" here, surrender to it, believing we will be shown the way.... because half the time, I do not know where the heck I'm going!
Whatever art I can muster up, sneak inbetween, it becomes the call of my soul showing me the way. The more we carry, the harder it is to peddle.
I'm hanging on to too much.
I need to dump some stuff, let it go.... but what?
oh, the desire to travel light seems so inviting... but at what sacrifice?
The heaviest load, and that which I work at releasing is worry.
That will surely lighten my load.

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pattie said...

I am loving this zentangle!! It took a moment to see the bike...and when I did I felt the weight....I know this feeling!